Woven Patch vs Embroidered Patch

They each have their own advantages, and this article will tell you the differences between them so that you can make a better choice. In most cases, woven and embroidered patches can be used interchangeably. The design itself will often determine which type of patch is ideal. Their craftsmanship is also distinct, with the woven patches made from 100% polyester. The thread is more delicate than embroidery thread, which means we can get more details, but its disadvantage is that the three-dimensional effect is not as strong as the embroidery patch.

Embroidered patches have long been the more popular style. For patch collectors and those with multiple custom patches on a jacket, say, woven patches will look out of place. While it’s perfectly acceptable to mix the two styles, it does create a distinctive juxtaposition when the two are placed side by side.

Woven patches are a great option for a design that contains lots of fine lettering, intricate lines, and meticulous detail. Not only are woven patches highly detailed, but unlike traditional embroidered patches, they can be matched to Pantone colors. This means that if you are creating a corporate logo or require exact color matching, woven patches are for you!